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7 Tips To Help You Makeover Your Office And Increase Productivity

Improve Your Office Day is a great reminder to reorganize your workspace and stay Productive. You now have more time to promote your business and make changes in your office during the Coronavirus Crisis.

Home office facing the window
Image: Arek Socha/Pixabay
Some essential elements in your office directly impact your workday and create an inspiring space: the colors, the location, and the materials in your office.

Paying attention to these elements will elevate your mood, creativity, and even

your customers can feel positive energy comes out from your workspace while you have a Zoom meeting with them.

No matter what you call it - your room, your home office, or an office in a building- it should look professional and well designed to affect the joy of your creation and the effectiveness at your work.

There is no need to buy many design elements or seek help from professionals to makeover your workspace.


Seven tips on how to makeover your working environment:

Tip 1 / Solo brainstorming

Brainstorm by yourself to come up with your ideas. Ask yourself, what do you want? What do you like, and what do you expect? Imagine it.

Then think of how all the things can integrate into your expectations.

Tip 2/ Design inspirations and ideas

Look for inspiration sources in office makeover and take some ideas that could match your work's nature, needs, style, and budget. Lots of inspirational ideas can be found on Pinterest.

Tip 3/ Feng Shui Principles

Read how you can incorporate the basic principles of Feng Shui in your office for balance, wealth, and success. Learn what the best colors to serve your needs are. If your office faces north, your room is associated with the water element, and using light blue curtains can be a better choice to promote a peaceful and calming atmosphere. According to color psychology, color blue expresses trustworthiness and reliability.

Tip 4/ Remove Clutter

The desk and space around it should be neat, organized, and not cluttered. Remove anything unnecessary or broken and get rid of items that are not useful to let a positive vibe and energy flood into your office.

Orgnized desk
Image StartupStockPhotos/Pixabay

There is not always a desire to organize your desk and paperwork so think of it as a happiness task, and it will be an incentive to start acting.

Tip 5/ Location and position

Better location leads the energy into your workplace and maximizes productivity. According to Feng Shui, your office desk should face to the door. Your front door should also be attractive as if not, no one will visit—including prosperity. Face the window as natural light is ideal. This position also helps you to breathe fresh air and increase motivation.

Office next to the window
Office facing the window

Tip 6/ The little things do matter.

* Green plants in your office help to reduce stress, increase happiness, and productivity. Plants clean the air and can boost creativity. Studies show that exposure to plants restores attentional capacity and improves performance on a variety of cognitive tasks.

* If you are a coffee lover, buy a big and decorative mug to boost your energy and lift your spirit.

* Adding some pictures in your work environment can make a significant impact on your mood. Therefore, hanging inspirational posters can make you feel happier.

inspirational posters in the office
Melvin Thambi/Unsplash.

You can also put on your table photos of sweet moments with your loved ones to maintain a healthy mind and balance your professional and personal life.

Tip 7/ Soothing music as a mood enhancer

Listening to music at work can make you more relaxed and increase your productivity levels.

In the hustle and bustle of your work, listening to your favorite music can improve your mood. And if you work in an open office with other people, you can pop in your earphones, enjoy your favorite song and strengthen your deep work.

These tips will help you get organized, enhance your work atmosphere and make your workday healthier and more productive.



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