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Creative experiments that drive lots of impact - Food for thought!

Content creators are artists and as such, they need constantly to reinvent themselves and be creative all the time to create an impact for the companies with whom they work. It's not an easy task as this is a daily war to grab your audience's attention and there are lots of tempting options for them outside. This is a war of existence. We can see the 'Egg Effect' that was viral and broke the Guinness world record for the most-liked Instagram photo, more than 47 million likes.

Experts say we all have a wellspring of creative energy and the secret is how to tap it. We need to warm up our imagination muscles and there are many creativity-boosting strategies to keep the mind clear and not to be rusty. The good news is that everyone can learn how to be more creative, one can travel or go outside for a walk to get inspired and have some fresh air, one can draw doodles and something may come up and one can keep toys on the desk and play with them while brainstorming. But most of all it's important to keep an open mind and be more playful as a kid.

Many content creators put a lot of effort into creating compelling content to reach large audiences but only few of them did it in their unique way.

Here are 2 great and brilliant marketing experiments created by very creative people but also daring ones who rise above the social media noise and made a great impact.


Payless, discount shoe store, opened a fake luxury boutique called 'Palessi', filled it with the brand's inexpensive shoes, that vary from $20-$40 in order to see how much people would pay for them. Consumers came to the party and paid up to $600 for them.

Georgio Peviani

Writer, Oobah Butler, from London, faked his name and his way to the top of Paris Fashion Week (2018) as a fashion designer whom celebrities and social media influencers were hanging out with him. His faked name was Georgio Peviani, as an Italian man that took the brand 'Georgio Peviani jeans' to Paris Fashion Week and the success was overwhelming.

Why did they become successful and viral?

Because they used social media and other channels as tools, they dared to be different, their ideas were original, simple and unexpected.

So, it may be worthwhile to draw ideas from the above-mentioned case studies but also have a bit of courage from those that made a buzz and already stirred up the chain in order to heat up your creative engines and drive more traffic in your marketing assets.

You should try it, maximum you'll succeed!

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