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Why I fell in love with Salamanca?

Because of all the charms this city has to offer!

Salamanca has everything that indulge all my five senses: sights, tastes, sounds, smells, and touch. Beyond that, it is one of the cleanest and safest cities in the world.

Salamanca is a journey into the past as its wide range of architecture spans the history of Christian architecture: Romanesque Architecture, Gothic Architecture, Plateresque Architecture and Churrigueresque Architecture. Looking at richly, decorated architecture styles of the buildings can transport you way back to several centuries ago.

Strolling around the city alongside its impressive architecture is like walking through the pages of history books from three thousand years ago. In the evening, golden light 'spills' on every ancient building and the sight is just spectacular.

Salamanca recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage city in 1988 and being European Culture Capital in 2002.

Plaza Mayor is the main and the focus of the city life-a meeting place and market area. After La Siesta, everyone comes to the square to enjoy the small boutiques, shops and cafes, then they continue out onto the streets directly outside the walls.

The University of Salamanca (Universidad de Salamanca in Spanish) is one of the most famous city icons and Spain's oldest and most prestigious university. It was founded in 1134 and in 1218 it was given the royal charter of foundation by Alfonso IX of León.

Spaniards are, in general very friendly and charming people, especially with the Salmantinos' generosity and hospitality, you will definitely feel at home once you set foot on their city. After talking with them, I realized that clean city is just part of their culture that even sidewalks are so clean enough to sit on. They instill the importance of keeping public places clean and safe, and they even mentioned that there is no theft and burglary in their city.

How can I not specify their best food and the outstanding wines?

Spanish cuisine has a lot to offer and there are great and fine dining restaurants in Salamanca. Delicacies dishes that contain good appetizers as Tapas, Gambas al Ajillo, extraordinary flavored main dishes such as verities of Paella & Jamón Serrano and incredibly delicious desserts as Flan or chocolate and churros with a cup of coffee.

Hasta luego Salamanca, I hope to visit you again soon.

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