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Business Ticket to: Spain

Spain Business Etiquette

Business Greetings & Meetings

Spaniards and Hispanics have affectionate cultures. In Spain, the most common greeting for the first business meeting is a strong handshake with an eye contact.

You should be on time, and you can expect that your Spanish partner will be on time too.

At the first meeting, the Spanish will want to get to know you better before continuing to talk about the business, so you should be courteous to answer any questions about your background and family life. Spaniards really want to check if you are honest and reliable, knowing they can trust you, your products or business before starting a business relationship.


The Spaniards are wonderful conversationalists, and their conversations/presentations may be long; Expect that and accept it patiently. Negotiations tend to be fairly open, and you should keep in mind that your goal is to do business with them, and not to force your business culture.

Spanish generally do not speak English, and many companies in Spain have a team with good English language skills, if your plan is to sell the Spaniards, try speaking Spanish.

Business Culture

To impress the Spaniards and show your eagerness to start a business with them, you should translate your business card into Spanish, so that way you show them dedication to partnership.

Companies often send bottles of cava, champagne, or wine at Christmas to their best customers in Spain.

Dress Code

Spanish businessmen give a valuable place to first impression; a good look is very important.

Make sure that you are impeccably dressed but conservative. Remember that because Spain is in Europe and well connected to the fashion capitals of Milan and Paris, it is more up to date with European fashion.

Men should dress a business meeting dark color suits, a white cotton shirt with a silk tie and women - bright color dress, high heels, and neat hair.

It is best to wear classic brands to look fashionable to make a good impression; It is essential to clean your shoes and get your hair fine.

Business meals

In Spain, a meal is a good time to relax and enjoy than to close deals. Typically, the transactions are done in the office, and after successful negotiations, everyone goes to celebrate in the restaurant. Most Spaniards like to eat seafood and drink wine at a meal. Be sure not to start eating until the host begins.

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