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Editorial: Globalize your health care

Summer is a popular time for people to take vacations, but how much do we really know about other habits people have during summer time?

Some people fly to another country to travel with their family, some go camping, others go for a hike, or kayaking and there are people who choose summer as perfect time for Medical Tourism.

Medical tourism has been promoted as an inexpensive and sometimes enjoyable way to travel and see the world while getting high-quality health care from cosmetic, cardiac care, plastic surgery to hip and knee replacements, it is so popular and affordable.

Today, medical tourism model shows that patients from highly developed nations travel to less developed countries, bypassing medical care that is offered in their own community but is inaccessible or undesirable to them.

Some popular Medical Tourism Destinations are: Costa Rica, Thailand, Turkey, India, Israel, Malaysia and more. These countries offer medical services at rates 20-30 percent cheaper, less than other developed countries; they bundle their medical treatment with other comforts, including interesting sights, places, adventures and spa-like amenities.

The most common procedures that people seek in medical tourism trips are cosmetic surgery, dentistry, Cardiology, heart surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Spine Surgery and other health care services such as second opinions.

Globalization of the Healthcare Marketplace brings a great demand for medical translations of reports, patients' diagnosis, medical certificates, travelling documents and other papers related to each person and each medical case.

Most of the text types that we translate are: Prescriptions, Diagnoses, Insurances claims, Medical Records, Medical devices, Medical marketing leaflets, articles and more.

Medical translators are in a high demand and they must not only understand multiple languages, but also be able to convey both medical language-terms and professional complex texts including specific terminology in various medical fields to hospitals, patients and families.

It is very important to choose the best and reliable translation company in order to avoid Medical Mistakes and save lives. Medical translations have to be very accurate and that's why our team consists of qualified and professional medical translators. They are subject matter experts, some are researchers, physicians, medical technicians with expertise and knowledge in Medicine, Life Sciences and Medical Equipment.

We provide Medical Translations to domestic and international private customers, insurance companies, hospitals and healthcare systems that apply to us in advance before summer time in order to get organized and have the most accurate, professional medical documents ready to any kind of medical condition and service.

Have a peaceful and healthy summer,

Ally G.| CEO AQ Group-Language Solutions

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