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Professional Medical Translation Saves life

Medical translations include a range of scientific papers in a wide variety of medical fields. Papers range from general medicine to surgery, ophthalmology, pharmacology as well as clinical trials and research papers, technical or usage information on medical equipment or devices and instructions for prescription drugs and much more.

Accuracy is of utmost important in medical translations

Accuracy is of utmost importance in all fields related to medical procedures, equipment and prescriptions.

This is a field where precision is vital. Medical translations, similarly to other specialized translations, must come from highly qualified translators who are knowledgeable in each specific field. Medical translations deal with human health and safety. The smallest mistake in a translation has the potential to cause serious misunderstandings, that can lead to undesirable consequences. Medical translators must have a proven track record of efficiently translating medical documents with an exceptionally high degree of reliability and knowledge of each subject matter.

Qualified medical translators must have

First of all, they must have knowledge of the medical text that needs to be translated. They also must know both languages: to be native speakers of the target language and have a high level of proficiency in the source language. Furthermore, medical translators need to fulfill a number of requirements to meet specific regulations, which can greatly differ between countries. Therefore, it is very important to choose a translation service provider that works with experts in a variety of medical fields and has a proven track record of consistent high-level medical translations.

This is the reason why you need to choose a reliable and transparent translation company with a consistent and traceable record of professional and high-quality medical translations.

This is where A.Q.-Translations & Language Solutions can help you. We only work with experienced experts in medical translations and have a proven track record of high-quality translations and excellent reviews from both new and returning customers.

You can be confident when you do business with A.Q.- Language Solutions that our expert, service oriented team will help you with any queries or questions about the services AQ offers. When you choose A.Q.- you know that you get efficient, quality and expert translations.

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