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Editorial Note May,

Oh, new baby born? Great! You've got to decide on a name, that's not easy!

OK. So, you’ve created a new and wonderful product that is going to change the lives of many people; they are going to buy it and you're going to make millions.

But, you have a problem: you’ve got no idea what to call it.

Naming a product can be very tough. Whether you’ve invented a life-changing device, some innovative medical technology, or a new item for your line of fashion accessories…

The naming process isn't a piece of cake. Picking a name for your product can be a surprisingly complicated and challenging task. It's like driving along without a compass because you started from scratch.

As a Brand & Product Naming agency, I used my wide experience to name new items such as: a line of shoes, service brands, special diets, name of books, perfumes, cosmetics & hair products, new applications… just to name a few.

You start of happy and an enthusiastic - there's a new kid in town.

Our team's creative thinking and brainstorming process begins with lots of questions and gradually all name options proposed are reduced as in the funnel method - from top to bottom.

The next stage leaves us with only two options. Then the decision process begins based on in depth professional considerations. And bingo! we've got it - the name is chosen and passed to the customer for acceptance with our explanation why we chose this name.

Sometimes, I dream about the product, its new name and imagine people picking it up from the shelf and their reaction ... I'm toying with that in my mind.

When a product goes global, I like to consult ordinary people and test the name. I ask for their opinions… I check how they react. I also send the list of names to professional colleagues to get their feedback especially if appropriate for a global market.

Branding and naming of products/services is done very meticulously, both professionally and qualitatively. We get down to small details and resolutions in accordance with the client's needs, goals, vision and the target audience in Israel or abroad.

It's exhilarating to see those products on the shelves and look at the people buying them.

Next time you pick a new product from the shelf, keep in mind the many people who worked hard on naming that product.

Ally G.


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