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Sharing your Story with the World

Online Conference | May 31, 2018


There are many books about relationships, self-acceptance, love and the search for the meaning of life; and there are also those who write about significant events, fear and personal trauma.

Stories usually serve both the writer and the reader. On one hand, the story allows the writer to express himself, to dive into an ocean of imagination, and develop an interesting plot that may relieve past stress.

The reader, on the other hand, reads and sometimes becomes inspired through identifying with the book’s plot or finds a source of healing for his own problems and deep wounds through the story in the book.

How to Take Your Book Across Borders

As a writer, translator & publisher, I can help as I know how hard it is to start marketing your book globally.

At the Self-Publishing University’s Conference 2018Less Talk, More Action”, I am honored to be speaking on this topic and delving more into how you can take advantage of ‘Sharing your story with the World’ and the benefits it can bring to marketing your book and increase your sales globally.

Nowadays, your book can reach not only your neighborhood or country, but it can cross borders and spread to every corner of the world. This huge pool of possibilities is both very exciting but also a bit frightening and causes many good books to dissolve and disappear in the dust before reaching their potential. j

During a one day online conference you will:

  • Discover keys to take your book to the global market

  • Learn how to find your particular audience

  • Get the most important tips to localize your book

  • Find Powerful sales & marketing tips to put your book ahead

  • Get your questions answered by international experts!

***No fluff or selling event. It would be well worth the investment!***

Join me and 9 other international experts and register early for the TSPUCONF2018 event and take advantage of the early bird pricing. Register here:

Can't join the live sessions? Register to receive the recordings when they become available.


See you there,

Ally Gilboa

Translator | Writer | Speaker


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