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Looking Backward and Forward

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

The Future of Content Marketing

What was in 2017 & what 2018 brings us?

Large Investments in original content.

Interesting and valuable content attracts audience, it means more visitors = more conversions.

More and more huge corporations are spending the lion's share of their annual marketing budget on original & fresh content using outsourcing. Reports indicate that Apple plans to spend over $ 1 billion on original content. Amazon, Facebook and other giant companies pays a lot in order to capture the attention of the clients and provide all the timely, qualitative, new, enriching and refreshing content. Looks like original content is paying off for Netflix in a big, big way.

The Rise of Original Content

Why is it so important to update and keep fresh, new original content? Because original and high-quality content will determine your search engine ranking, users crave new, interesting information and if you continue to innovate and interest your readership and show activity on your page, search engines will pay attention to it and reward you with a higher rating.

Another reason is that original content differentiates you from the others.

The giant companies understood this a long time ago and therefore they are spending huge budgets on original and interesting content.

According to Apple analysts' forecast, Apple's original content budget will rise to $ 4.2 billion a year by 2022.

Which Type of content marketing?

One of the core goals in your social media marketing strategy is to craft original and fresh content.

People will click on your link when they read an interesting and enriching content on a topic they do not know or gives them information they've been looking for because they like to follow smart people and longing for inspiring content as in 2018 Content Marketing Runs on Inspiration.

Marketing B2B is much different than marketing B2C, as it requires a different approach and type of content.

Long detailed content vs Snackable Content

Basically, feed your audience with what they crave. Your users should be your #1 focus!

B2B Long detailed content is for companies that want to update their customers with new information about their services such as: legal, finance, insurance and more. The content should be detailed but balanced.

B2C Snackable content is the KING.

Snackable Content should be short, sweet, and extremely filling.

Tip: You can take long form content, break it down and make it snackable.

As attention spans decrease, your audience consumes media in bite-sized pieces via videos, Instagram, and Snapchats as they are perfect examples of snackable content.

Also, keep in mind that social is mobile. About 60% of time spent on social media is via a mobile device. Therefore, the future of SEO will rely less on technical signals and more on authority and social signals both of which require branding to produce more relevant, fresh, inspiring and entertaining content.

If visitors don't like what they read, they leave. This impacts the website's rankings in a negative way.

The best social media

There are lots of social media outlets that reach and engage customers effectively.

It’s impossible to choose one size fits for all, but for B2B, you can use LinkedIn & SlideShare

while for B2C it's better to choose Facebook & Instagram.

You need to make a tailor-made suit for each company to meet its specific purpose and needs that also is in full compliance with the brand, services and its target audience.

Words today, Pictures tomorrow

In making decisions about content for B2B, the text still controls.

80% of decision makers prefer to receive a series of articles from their content providers in their respective fields, and 85% prefer text over video, but that will not last for long. Already nearly half of all B2B researchers are Millennials, and 42% of B2B searches are on mobile devices.

Visual content and video will become increasingly important.

Because of the popularity of online video, it is predicted that 80% of all web traffic will be devoted to video by 2019.

The focus is on written, video, and visual content.

AQ Group – Language Solutions helps our customers to produce and market original content to the right audience at the right time in the right place.

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