Discovering a New Culture

Discovering a New Culture is always a good experience

Whether you are well versed in the art of traveling or are new to the experience, it's great to understand the locals. In a new place communication with locals can ensure that you not only have an enjoyable journey but a unique one enriched with the local culture and customs. If you find yourself in a region where only a very few people speak English, here are a few helpful tips to consider when trying to communicate with the locals. The easiest is, of course, to get a small phrase book to learn common greetings and important questions like where is the bathroom. It also helps to search your destination on Google and learn about common hand gestures to use and especially ones not to use. Another tip is to seek out areas where there are many tourists. Places that have high volumes of tourists, such as, five-star hotels, banks, or restaurants most probably have someone on staff who speaks English.