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How Making a few Changes Can Transform Your Company

This is a continuation and the result of my previous newsletter about my resolutions for the New Year.

Over the years, I began to realize that the CEO’s job is different and much more complicated than I imagined. After 20 years of running the company I feel like a captain who has led the ship to the desired journey in a safe and stable manner, despite pitfalls along the way. Any changes and any scenario that depends on me and my team either directly or from external circumstances, I know that it is always necessary to plan ahead and be well prepared.






In the beginning, my company focused on translations and English teaching. Over the past few years, I decided to re-calculate my focus and re-brand my company.

Today, my company provides a wide range of services and solutions in various fields and in a large variety of foreign languages while maintaining high quality, personal communications and building strong international relations that were created over years and are preserved to this day.


How Did I Do That?

I expand the power of those around me by not being the boss, but being part of the team. I send clear messages and we work together during frequent internal brain storming sessions   so we know what are the best strategies to build strong and successful rebranding and refreshing for ourselves and our customers.

I decided that I have to be constantly vigilant to re-examine your field and your brand in the existing market, stay up-to-date, innovate and provide the solution that best suits customers' needs. As CEO, I need to be aware and keep my finger on the pulse of each customer's market. Imagine how exciting it is when your service gives your customer a positive experience and when the audience speaks about the brand positively.

As in the autumn when leaves change their color and fall off to renew and grow again, so does your company’s brand need to be renewed. This is the best time to re- brand or refresh, to  make sure that your messages are up-to-date and consistent with your values.


Above all, enjoy the journey because the love of what you do reflects to others.


Ally G.

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