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A Note from the Editor


Have you ever written a book, later reread it, amazed and not able to believe it's yours?

I know you have the potential to become a writer, but it's a skill you must sharpen in order to convey the real meaning of your message in an appropriate manner to your readership.

I am very honored to serve as the AQ Atelier responsible for translations and publications of many books. As the Managing Editor, I hope to ignite a spark in many of you. Our publication is geared to every writer who wants to share their story with the world and spread their ideas and messages.


Every time the phone rings, my eyes twinkle when I hear a writer on the line, experienced or inexperienced, it moves me anew every time. I know that at this moment I am going to undertake a long and fascinating journey with the writer. We are going to discover the treasure hidden within. We will study the subject from head to toe, the length and breadth. We are about to set out on a pleasant path, exchanging ideas, discovering new insights, sharpening messages and adding important elements until eventually the child is born- a new creation-a book. This book can awaken something in some reader's heart anywhere in the world.


It's very important for us to build a positive atmosphere with every writer who works with us as without this harmonious relationship, we cannot successfully continue our journey. Together we need to dive into the ocean’s depths, to find in the sea of words, the plot, the message, the dialogue and all the other things that make a book readable and interesting.

Writers come to us from everywhere in the world - Australia, USA, Israel, Brazil from various fields of occupation and the subject of each book fascinates me mainly because every book and every writer is a whole world filled with an enriching experience for both the writer, me and eventually the reader.


I go with the potential authors on a research journey and discover about the topic. I am amazed each time how creativity has an infinite nature and how abundant treasures and ideas can be gleaned from the writer’s life experiences and events and from the milestones in which each one walked on through in their lives. I thank our writers who have already joined us on their journey, believed in us and entrusted us with their creative work. In this way, we are able to pass on knowledge and experiences to many readers in Israel and abroad. I know that you have found a wonderful professional place to share your ideas with others. I get excited before the launch of every book written by our authors. I feel like I helped them to make their dreams come true. Ignite your dreams, nourish them, and see your book launched.


So, join us on this adventure, and let’s pass it forward.


Ally G. |CEO

AQ Atelier- Your Book in Good Hands!  

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