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2017 was a tremendous year



 Raj Solanki


2017 was a year of many projects where most of the work involved creating new and original content in a variety of fields for our customers and their websites. 


Marketing Content is the soul of any website.

Web content writing is the heart of website development. The enticement of a website depends on the quality of the content it provides for its visitors. People look for information that will help them and keep them interested.


What is Writing Content for a Website?

Writing good content means creating something from scratch, from nothing.

As a marketing content writer I act just like an interior designer who needs to mold content, atmosphere, colors and language within the defined space of a house. In a similar way, I must craft the original content within the empty and naked walls of the site.


Marketing Writer & Interior Designer?

Yes, I act like an interior designer - same thoughts, same work process to develop the finished product.

After collecting data from the customer, I always start with the Site Concept Statement. The concept is the essence of the site. It lays the groundwork for the content components and visual tools of the site. The concept leads the content and affects the design in a way that enables both to speak the same language.


The Go-Ahead Step

The next step is to ask your customers the “Right Questions”. I use my 3Ls method: Listen, Learn and Lead.

I choose to work with the best and most suitable professional and skilled team for this project and start planning the project just as interior designer sets the tone for the finished room.

First build the skeleton according to what is inside, walls, doors, windows, while paying attention to how it integrates with the core message and content.

My team crafts informative, relevant and fresh content that brings our customers the right set of visitors from each separate social network- More visitors = More conversions.

Above all, the content should be like a conversation between two people: you and your user.

I think of all of the pieces and small details that fill the site while keeping in mind the customer's purpose.and the design concept.


The Cherry on Top of Your Sundae

Last, but not least are Eye Catchers and Styling: tabs, colors, fonts, images and more.

Decorating and arranging the display window of the site is most important as it invites random viewer to peek inside and visit the site.

It is important to make the components, content and visuals, to harmoniously sing the same song.


Last Move

After the final stage, I go through the site together with the customer and pay attention to all items that need special and additional attention. Once all the elements have been evaluated and the site meets the client's satisfaction, the orginal project is considered over and done.


Our customers need to have the most up-to-date website that serves their goals because their audience deserves to read original, fresh content while they enjoy visiting in a user-friendly website.


A website is a living, vibrant thing. They need constant feeding and watering. Websites need to be reviewed and updated at regular intervals or whenever there is any change in product or market. Once I have created a site together with a client, I continue to monitor and make suggestions when the site needs refreshing.


Who's Next?



Thanks to our customers & team!  2018 here we come!


Ally G.

Founder & CEO

AQ Group

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