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A Note from the Editor


Winter is behind us and Spring brings us renewal, revitalization and a breath of fresh air. The flowers are blooming and so are my thoughts as this is the perfect time to do some "spring cleaning" on your marketing campaigns and review your online presence as Gary Shouldis of 3Bug Media echoes my thoughts and says, "Spring is the perfect time for marketing, as people are full of energy and enthusiasm after the long winter.”

Your messages should be refreshed and it is time to adjust your marketing issues to reflect the freshness and spirit of Spring.

“Spring is a time to clean out the old and bring in the new”, says entrepreneur Evan Carmichael. "This is the time to try new marketing initiatives. Make them small budget but make them stand out with creativity and some humor.

The warm, gentle breeze of Spring makes us want to relax with our family or go to the beach with friends, just to have some fun and laugh and bring that to our workplace too.

Apparently, it is not only in my head as April is full of Fun, Laughter and Happiness holidays/festivals like: Easter, Passover, Laugh at Work week and April Fool’s Day. It is a great start and the perfect excuse to play a nice practical joke on your customers and the idea is to keep things simple, light-hearted and fun and be sure that you don’t make business etiquette faux pas.

​I thought to myself that fun and laughter can be used in our marketing content campaigns for our customers as researchers say that laughter and humor are vital to a healthy, productive workplace. The benefits of that at work include improved productivity, great teamwork, better communication, stress relief, job satisfaction and employee retention.

You also have to understand your target market in order to use humor they understand. Provocative and edgy humor may be more appropriate when appealing to specific brands, products or fields/companies.

​Unfortunately, many websites are boring and not memorable at all and I think that little humor can boost their product or service. Humor also establishes a connection and triggers people to remember and share your joke with others.

Personally, I think it demonstrates expertise as only confident and smart people are willing to laugh at themselves.

Always Keepin' it Simple & Have some fun!

Ally G. | CEO

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