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Why Passover 2020 is Different from All other Years?

Updated: Apr 15

"Break out from the tall walls that you've built around you and spread your message out loud in many languages as you well know how to do," a tiny voice said to me softly.

So, what does dice 🎲 to do with Passover? And Why this night is different from all other nights, especially for me?

*** This is a raw piece, unedited version.

So, like all of us, I'm staying home in self-quarantine and tonight I will celebrate Passover with my beloved son, only 2 plates on the long table, without my parents and the whole family. 😥

When I looked at the passage in the Haggadah that says, "These are the ten plagues," it reminded me of the many ups and downs I've experienced so far in my life. It also pulled me back to some painful plagues I went through down the road; there was Darkness, lots of Frogs, and even Slaying of the First-Born. But tonight, more than ever, I feel strong and fortunate to have mental resilience and face even the 11th plague – the coronavirus.

This year, 2020, precisely tonight, when I celebrate salvation - I decided to release my bird out of its cage by writing this personal blog, sharing it, for the first time in my life, with the rest of the world.

At first, I felt fear but not anymore!

It is done thanks to a long process I went through, in which I've learned to love winter and see it as the upcoming spring. I've also practiced how to embrace fear by looking at it in the eyes and live with it in peace.

Image by Mark Hultgren from Pixabay

Along my lengthy journey, I've collected lots of 'wise pearls' that showed me the way how to be happier and live a more fulfilling life. This wonderful journey I went through empowered me and changed the course of my life from one end to the other.

While thinking about the song, 'Take Me Out to The Seder' (to the tune of, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame!"), I pondered of how all of us, the people on this planet, in fact, are playing on one big board called the 'Game of Life'. Everyone participates in turn, and every time you throw the dice 🎲, you pick a card and play according to that.

I learned to live life focusing on what I can control and let the rest just naturally flow because we can't always control our situation, but we can always control our attitude; the way we think affects directly how we feel.

Those who do not celebrate and for those who celebrate Passover in Israel and around the world remember the key message of Passover – the triumph of hope over adversity. It couldn’t be more relevant and it gives a source of inspiration to us all.

Wishing you a happy holiday 🍷🍷🍷🍷 with the hope that quarantine will end soon. Amen 💜

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